When Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Old Roof?

When you’re planning to replace your old roof, there’s a lot of preparation involved. You’ll need a dependable Austin roofing company to help you out with all the details of the project, and it’s also important to make sure you have the funds and that the project is done in a time when your household’s most important tasks and events won’t be disrupted by the work. So, it stands to reason that knowing when it’s time to replace your old roof is extremely essential.

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Factors That Could Lead to Roof Replacement

Sometimes roof replacement is needed, and sometimes you can get away by spending a few hundred dollars on a basic roof repair. Following are a few cases in which roof replacement is typically mandatory, and you won’t be able to follow any other alternative course of action:

  1. Your roof is too old. In this scenario, the roof that is being evaluated has already gone past its projected lifespan, or it’s getting very close to it. A 15 year old asphalt shingle roof or a metal roof that’s already more than five decades old are two good examples of this.
  2. The repair would be too difficult, costly and useless in terms of keeping your roof in good order for more than a few weeks or months. While some homeowners might still prefer to keep their old roofing systems and patch them up in such cases, that solution will only work for a short amount of time, after which the roof simply has to be replaced.
  3. The damage is too extensive or it’s spread out too much. If a tree fell on top of your old roof and damaged a small portion of it near the corner, you could have it fixed, or at most employ a roofer for a partial replacement. However, if much of your roof was damaged severely by a hailstorm or a fire, the few healthy shingles or tiles it has left are not enough of a reason to avoid a roof replacement.
  4. The existing roof was not installed properly. In some cases, roofers don’t do a good enough job installing a new roof. So, even if the existing roof is less than a year old, bad workmanship warrants a complete replacement, if the work to correct the damage is too extensive or costly.

The Importance of Being Certain

As you probably already know, replacing your roof is a costly and difficult job that could take a while to complete. So it’s important to be certain that all other options are exhausted, before asking your roofer to give you a replacement quote.

Check the roof yourself, and also hire a reputable Austin roofing company for a detailed roof inspection before proceeding. Discuss the options you have with your roofer, and also remember to look for similar cases online and to ask other roofing contractors for advice, before making your final decision.

An informed choice will help you save money, avoid unnecessary roof replacement work and select the right roofer for the job. If you want the best possible experience, look for and contact a dependable, experienced and friendly local Austin roofing contractor, who knows all about the type of roof you currently own.