Design Ideas for New Home Buyers

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When you move in a new home, you have countless ideas on how to customize the space and make your personality visible through various design ideas. There are many ways to do this, but some of them might not be within your budget. However, with a little creativity, you can bring a personal touch to the new house, without spending large amounts of money, and the result will be definitely noticeable. Realtors listing houses for sale in Southlands, have some recommendations:

Paint the front door

Most of the doors installed by home builders come in common shades of white, brown, black or beige, which will make your entrance look the same as those of all your neighbors. But if you choose to paint your door in a more special color, it will immediately stand out. It is one of the simplest things you can do, so choose one of your favorite colors and do not forget to also change the accessories, such as the door knob or the viewer, so that they fit wonderfully with the new look of your front door.

Add some color to your home

Again, most interior designs in new homes are rather neutral, so why not use some of your favorite colors to decorate your home? Choose some furniture you like and then repaint walls and/ or add accent walls, matching the furniture, carpets and the overall layout and design of each room. You can also opt for nice wallpapers, as well as for decorative blankets & pillows.

Use some beautiful decorations

Just make sure they complement the overall style of the house, because if they don’t, they will look kitschy. You can even highlight some of them with proper lighting, so choose carefully the types of fixture you need for different purposes.

Arrange a corner with some personal items

Some family photos framed or hanging on the wall provide that wonderful intimacy to your new home and will make you feel more comfortable. However, such a corner can also be set up with souvenirs gathered from your travels, special gifts or objects that have a significant sentimental value for you and also look nice enough to be displayed and contribute to personalizing your new home.

Arrange a corner with your favorite plants

Indoor plants bring life and charm to any home, so you can take advantage of them when you decorate your new home. Even if you do not have much time to take care of them, there are resistant plants, such as fern, ficus or succulents that do not require too much water, neither extensive care. They will adapt easily to your new home environment and you will be able to enjoy a bit of nature in your home. Your plant corner can turn to be one of the best  focal points of your home, especially if you include some rare or spectacular species, such as orchids, Japanese roses or bonsai, which all look very impressive and will bring originality to your new home, if you display and highlight them properly.