How Do I Find A Great Restoration Company?

Home damage by leaking or flooding is a terrible perspective for any homeowner, because it is one of those situations that you cannot solve with your own limited resources. Luckily, you can hire a bio-hazard cleanup Denver restoration company that can make your home structurally safe and habitable again.

Just like in the case of hiring any other professional service, finding a great restoration company requires some research and evaluation of your options.

You can find companies in your area with a simple internet search. The first thing most people do is making a list with a few names and look for more information online. This information about a restoration contractor can be available on the company`s official website or on other online sources. Additionally, you should be able to find reviews from other clients, in the form of ratings and/ or detailed feedback, which will prove to be very helpful. It is also a good idea to check the company on the Better Business Bureau`s website, just to see how the company responds to complaints.

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Make sure the company is certified. Unfortunately, water damage restoration industry is not yet properly regulated, which means that anyone can start such a business without being a professional expert. You would better stay away from these contractors and always look for proof of certification. Most certified specialists also have experience with insurance companies, which also works in your advantage if you make a claim and want to accelerate the process.

You should also put license and insurance on the list of most important documents a professional contractor must have. License is a proof of proper training and skills, while insurance is necessary to avoid being held responsible for accidents that may happen with the workers on your property. If a restoration company has a license from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, this is a proof that technicians are experienced and use the best tools and equipment. Besides workman’s comp and general liability insurance, you may also be interested if the company has pollution liability insurance, just to ensure your property will be safe during and after the restoration work.

A reliable local restoration company must also have a good reputation, therefore check for referrals among people you know. After all, the word of mouth is the best advertisement.

When you contact a restoration company, evaluate your interaction with it. Is it available? Does it answer promptly? Keep in mind that water damage in your house will increase exponentially with each hour that passes by, so a rapid response from a restoration contractor is extremely important and can make a lot of difference. Ideally, you should not even wait for water damage to find a good restoration expert. Just keep your eyes open for good contractors and put them on your list; you never know when you may have an emergency and need their services.

Finally yet importantly, before hiring a restoration company, clarify all costs and ask for a written estimate. You must know all the important details upfront, to eliminate additional charges and other surprises.