Can You Turn Your Storage Unit Into Your Man’s Space?


If you want your own man’s space, you have a few options available. Either you build a shed, you rearrange your garage, you extend your home by building a new room that can serve as your “man’s” study, or you – why not – get a storage unit and set everything up in there.


The idea behind using a storage unit for one’s man space is not a new one. In fact, many men have already de-cluttered their homes and set up an awesome man’s space with minimal effort. The key is knowing how to choose the perfect storage unit for the job.


Why Is a Storage Unit Such a Great Choice?


So, building a new shed or rearranging your garage might not be a great option, since you might have limited space or your budget and time is on the lower side at the moment. However, a storage unit is cheap, convenient, and it’s easy to select the right size, features and amenities based on what you need.


Also, a self storage unit can be portable, which is a great thing if you want to set up your own man’s space. If you choose a portable storage unit, you can basically set it up anywhere you want, set up your man’s space, and relax with the guys over a few cold beers and a game of pool in no time at all!


Will You Need Climate Control and Other Advanced Features?


Climate control, sturdy locks and advanced security tech that includes high end sensors and surveillance cameras should definitely be added if you plan to set up expensive appliances and things like pool tables, high end audio and entertainment systems and a computer in your new storage unit.


A man space can be quite minimal, but ultimately you have to know how much the risk is and how willing you might be to risk your items being stolen or damaged. So, even though climate control and advanced security – as well as other advanced features you might want – are not necessarily mandatory, they can be a great asset.

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Setting Up Your Unique Man’s Space


Whether you’re a music lover and you want your own high end music system as well as a guitar, piano and other musical instruments, or you prefer to have a keg fridge, a pool table, a barbecue, a cards table and a large manly couch so you can gather all the guys together on Friday nights, you can set up your man’s space as uniquely as you want it.


Ultimately, setting up a man space in a storage unit is not much different than a basement remodel. The difference is you already have an empty, well-designed space at your disposal, and you don’t have to get rid of anything to get it.


All you have to do is rent a storage unit from your dependable local self storage Colorado Springs company, make sure the locks and climate control works properly, and get to work storing all your favorite items and basically turning it into your own special room. There you can truly become king of your own home.