Are Metal Buildings A Good Option?

Metal Buildings Are The Best Option

For hundreds of years, steel helps shape the world we live in. Bridges, railways, cars, and more recently, our homes – they all contain steel. Lately, steel that is galvanized to withstand corrosion has become a material increasingly popular in residential construction.

Despite the development of manufacturing technologies, the price of steel has remained relatively constant, which is why this material becomes more and more competitive. Products in different shapes and sizes, profiles used in residential construction are more and more required in the field of construction. From simple houses to residential assemblies, constructive systems made of steel are gaining more and more ground.

Rather new in the construction of houses, but with a long history in the commercial construction industry, the price of metal buildings is affordable, and the provided quality – excellent.


Compared to traditional buildings made of brick, metal buildings have numerous advantages:

The main advantage, correlated with a 30% lower execution price than that of brick houses, is the speed of execution. Due to the high degree of prefabrication, the actual construction time of a steel house compared to that of a brick house is significantly reduced.

Due to the technology behind metal constructions, there is a high degree of precision, both structural and architectural. Deviations accepted are in millimeters in the case of metal, compared to centimeters, in the case of concrete.

The strength and flexibility of steel offer architects flexibility in their designs, hence the variety of types of metal buildings and customization options.

The weight of such a building is much lower compared to a brick building. This generates lower costs related to foundation.

Steel profiles are dimensionally stable and, after prefabrication, the resulting structures are easy to finish, unlike bricks and masonry that must reach the optimum quality for finishing.

Sustainability, high resistance to earthquakes and weather, as well as very low wear over time are some other qualities of buildings on metal structures.

Compared to brick houses whose installation depends on the weather, a metal structure can be raised during any season and meteorological conditions.

Due to dry construction, with a thermo-insulating system that allows air circulation, metal buildings do not have problems with mold and moisture, specific to houses made from some traditional materials.

Another quality that makes metal buildings from CanAm Steel Buildings corporation is that they are a good option is that metal profiles are almost entirely recyclable and reusable.

In addition, the usable surfaces are larger by over 10% compared to traditional buildings, for example: a house of 128 m2 would have 111m2 usable, in the case of a metal building, and only 98 m2 in the case of a traditional building.

As about the necessary materials, accurate estimates can be made in the case of metal buildings, while with traditional constructions there is a great waste of materials.


Metal buildings have their own disadvantages, but they are considered rather minor, because there are solutions to avoid them. Metal structures that do not have additional protection are more susceptible to corrosion and fire than bricks and concrete