Why Consider A Metal Roof For Your Office Building

Metal roofs have been increasing in popularity for a long time – while the metal sheets and panels were initially used only on military, agricultural and industrial facilities, the solution quickly spread to commercial applications and nowadays it is a popular solution for office buildings as well. Here are some of the features and benefits that should make you consider metal for the roof on your office building, too.

Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling-related expenses make up a significant part of the energy expenses that office buildings need to cover. The roof being one of the largest building components through which energy exchange between the building interior and the exterior environment takes place, using a material that reduces such thermal exchange to the minimum is essential for reducing those sky-high bills. Metal is great for cutting energy costs, especially the roof is further strengthened with the right type of insulation.

Resistance to the Elements

One of the most important roles that the roof on your office building needs to fulfil is the protection of the building from the elements. Metal is among the strongest, most resistant building materials used today, the metal roof on your building will protect your offices from heavy rain and snow, from winds, storms, fire as well as from pests.

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Professional commercial roofing Aurora contractors confirm that metal is also among the most durable materials that you can use on your roof – whatever type and alloy you choose, your metal roof can last for 30-50 years.

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

Metal roofs are quick and easy to install – the process does not require any special tools or knowledge, what’s more, if you already have a roof and its support structure is strong enough, the new metal roof can be installed on top of the existing surface, without requiring the costly and messy removal of the old roof.

Metal roofs are also easy to take care of – the annual or semi-annual maintenance tasks should include inspection and cleaning, followed by the repairs deemed necessary, but your metal panels will require no special attention. The durability and resistance of metal roofs can be further enhanced with the application of roof coatings – the coating products available for metal roofs serve different scopes, such as sealing the panels to prevent rust or reflecting solar radiations, but they are all easy to apply.

A Green Solution

If you are an environment-conscious business, looking for green building solutions wherever possible, getting a metal roof for your office building will be consistent with your values. The metal panels used on roofs are completely recyclable and the technologies used for manufacturing metal roofing components are not very energy-intensive, so your metal roof will ultimately contribute to protecting the natural environment.

Varied Design Option

The metals used in roofing panels are strong, lightweight and easy to handle, one of the best features offered by metal roofs being their suitability for creating almost any design. Flat or low-sloping roofs are the most common types that use metal, but the material is suitable for creating arched designs and for executing special, unique shapes that will make your building stand out and attract attention in any environment.