What Are the Advantages of A Metal Roof for Your Home

The benefits of metal roofs used to be available only for commercial and industrial properties – metal sheets were the number one most popular roofing solution on these applications. Today, however, the great advantages offered by metal, one of the most versatile, strongest and most durable roofing materials available, are available for residential buildings as well – here are some features to convince any homeowner looking for a reliable new roof to use metal.


Metal is among most long-lived roofing materials used today, with an average durability that exceeds half a century. Metal roofs can be made from sheets, tiles or shingles manufactured from various alloys, the top of the range zinc and copper roofs being rated for a durability of over a hundred years.

The Superior Ability to Withstand Harsh Climate Conditions

Metal roofs stand out in terms of weather-resistance as well. The metal varieties and alloys used for manufacturing these roof covering components can endure prolonged exposure to water (especially if they get a little help from special, waterproofing sealants or coatings), they can hold up the weight of thick layers of snow and they can stand up to UV radiation and high winds as well. Metal roofs do not attract rodents – such as raccoons – or insects either.

Great Looks

Metal roofing materials are also popular due to the extraordinary wide array of colors, textures and shapes available – whatever your building style, you can surely find the metal roof covering style that best suits it.

Metal roofing panels, tiles and shingles can also be easily painted, so if you decide to change the color scheme used on your exterior walls, you only need roof paint of the right color, a bucket and brush or a roller to adjust the appearance of your roof, too.

Quick and Easy Installation

Metal roof covering components can be correctly installed by anyone who is not afraid to work at heights and is willing to follow the installation instructions attached to the material. The process is very quick, it does not require any special tools, what’s more, metal roofs can be installed on top of the existing roof, provided that the support structure of the roof is strong enough to be able to hold up the weight of a second roof. Count on a locally licensed roofing contractor Lakewood CO company to provide the best roofing services in the area.

Quick and Easy Maintenance

Like any roof, metal roofs also need regular attention from the roof owner or from a professional roofer hired for the roof maintenance. No special tasks are involved – the roof needs to be inspected and cleaned every six months and the issues detected during the inspection should be remedied as soon as possible.


The metal varieties and alloys used for making roof covering materials are 100% recyclable, therefore they are the best solutions for environment-conscious homeowners who want to reduce the environmental impact of their property. When your metal roof reaches the end of its lifespan and you remove it from your building, you can sell the waste and use the money to purchase your new roof.

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