How to Research a General Contractor to Choose the Best Expert Available

Finding the Dallas general contractor that is the most suitable for your project, a business that is experienced, knowledgeable, reputable and reliable at the same time can be an overwhelming experience, so if you are looking for tips about the preliminary evaluation of available contractors, here are our top tips about how to research a general contractor.

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Create Your Own List of Candidates

Use the internet to find out about the general contractors in your area. Search for contractors in your neighborhood, then extend the search to neighboring districts, then to neighboring settlements if you can’t find contractors in your town.

Use Official Information

General contractors need to comply with very strict licensing regulations. You can find out about the requirements from the builder’s association in your area and you can also find out whether the contractors you consider suitable candidates possess the licenses necessary for operating legally.

You can also check whether there are any complaints filed against the contractors on your list from your local consumer protection office, from the building inspector’s office or from the local office of the Better Business Bureau.

Check Other Aspects

Most general contractors nowadays have business websites where they provide information about their activity, their previous clients, the projects that they have completed and are proud of. Check the longevity the companies on your list have in the business and ask the people you know whether they have heard anything about the reputation of the companies selected.

Contact Companies

Get into touch with the companies you consider suitable. Tell the company representatives about your project and pay attention to the way they communicate – in this phase, rely on your gut instinct and do not underestimate the importance of the first meeting. Ask them to provide references to prove that they have the right type of experience and also ask for a list of the subcontractors they prefer – you will have to check them, too, to make sure there are only reliable companies working on your project.

Request Quotes

After you have provided all the details of the project you need to get done, ask the contractors to provide written cost calculations based on those details. You will see that the quotes vary widely, so take your time to evaluate each estimate in terms of the services included, the materials used and the deadlines proposed. Go with a quote in the medium range – companies that offer their services for too low of a price are usually not the best and the most expensive quote is not necessary the one to go with either.

Get It All in Writing

The quote in itself is not sufficient to seal the deal – you will need to put all the details of your agreement into a contract. The document should include every detail of the deal, including materials, project milestones, detailed pricing and warranties as well.

If you follow the steps included in this short guide about how to research a general contractor, you will surely find the partner that offers quality services for reasonable prices and you will surely be happy with the outcomes.