Factors to Consider when Choosing a New Roofing Shingle

When you have to build a roof for your home, the solutions you have are quite numerous and the challenge is to choose only one of them – the best one.

Not all roof variants are suitable for any type of building. It matters a lot the location, the temperatures and rainfall during the year, the degree of insulation you need and many other factors.

How do you choose the roof?

The first thing you need to consider is hiring the best Panama City roofing contractors to replace your roof.  A contractor will inspect your house and help you choose the best materials, by taking into account your needs and your budget. Hiring a good contractor will ensure that the roof replacement project will go smoothly and your will get quality services for your money – and that is the most important thing.

When you choose a new roofing shingle, it is good to keep track of the following criteria:

The roof must be 100% functional; its most important role is to protect the house from weather.

The roof should be as lightweight as possible, otherwise you will be required to pay for structural improvements too. Usually, a 250-square-foot roof should not exceed 11 tons, which is the maximum weight for concrete tiles. If you choose metal shingles, the roof will be significantly lighter and much better protected.

Appearance is also important because it creates a first impression. Make sure you opt for roofing shingles that match your home and your neighborhood.

These aspects are very important and must be put on your check list when you plan a roof replacement. The price is obviously very important too, but if a low price does not come with good quality, you should better make an effort to purchase more durable materials. Think about it as a lifetime investment that you will enjoy or regret. What do you prefer?

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Low cost vs. resistance and durability

The roof of your house has to perform several functions. It offers protection as well as indoor comfort, which is why it has to cope with the insulation needs of your house. On the other hand, it has to integrate harmoniously into the overall style of your home and provide more value. Many new modern and improved roofing materials have appeared on the market, in recent years, but their prices are still very high. However, many traditional materials can be just as resilient and equally effective and they can be purchased for lower prices.

Here are a few options you can choose from.

  • Ceramic tiles are extremely durable – a classic material with a pleasant appearance, especially suitable for homes built in a traditional style. The disadvantage is that it is a heavy material, so before you purchase ceramic tiles, you have to make sure that the home can bear all the added weight.
  • Metallic tiles have decades-long lifespan; they are very light and available in many shapes and colors so you can successfully integrate them into your home’s design. The disadvantage is that they are not soundproof, but they can be made to be. Metal shingles also provide great protection in any weather conditions and require minimal maintenance.
  • Concrete tiles are heavier than ceramic tiles, but also more resistant. They are effective in insulating your home for decades, but in time they will lose their color and overall aspect under the action of weather.